The TERA-2018 program included discussions of fundamental and applied problems related to generation, recording, and interaction of terahertz and microwave radiation with matter, which were divided into the following sections:

  1. Electronic sources of THz & MW radiation, synchrotron radiation, free-electron lasers.
  2. Optoelectronic & solid-state sources of THz radiation.
  3. Generation of THz radiation by intense laser pulses.
  4. Quantum cascade lasers.
  5. Detection of THz & MW radiation. Metrology in THz frequency range.
  6. Study of materials (including nano- and metamaterials) with the help of THz & MW radiation. Time-domain and CW spectroscopy.
  7. Interaction of high-power THz and MW radiation with matter. Application of THz radiation for the research and control of ultrafast process in physics, chemistry and biology.
  8. Terahertz & microwave imaging: tomography, holography and near-field microscopy.
  9. Systems of security and non-destructive control using THz and MW radiation. Remote sensing with THz radiation. Communication in THz frequency range.
  10. Medical and biological applications of THz radiation.