The popular lecture "Gyrotron: Invented in Gorky" was delivered by Mikhail I. Petelin, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Applied Phhysics, RAS at 15:30 on 3 December 2015 in the IAP RAS Conference Hall.
He told about what the gyrotron was, how it was invented, and where it could be used. Interestingly, the first gyrotron emitted only a few watts at a frequency of 10 GHz (this experiment was reported at the All-Union Electronics Conference in Moscow in 1964), whereas the current-day gyrotron having a radiation frequency of 170 GHz, which is designed for the ITER Project, generates a power of one megawatt during an hour.
During the discusssion after the lecture, Dr. Petelin give detailed answers to the questions of the audience.
After the lecture, all originators fo the gyrotron were presented with souvenir mugs.