Visit of the Indian delegation to IAP RAS.
A group of scientists from India visited IAP RAS on 1-2 December, 2015. The group included researchers from the Institute for Plasma Research, (Gandhinagar), Shambhu Laxmikanth Rao, Leader of the ITER Electron-Cyclotron Heating Group in India, and Baruah Ujjwal Kumar, Manager of the ITER ECRH Power Supplies Group in India,
The visit objective was to discuss the possibilities of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of development the ITER Tokamak. Both Russia and India are participants of the ITER Project. The obligations of the Russian Federation under the ITER Program include, in particular, a delivery of 8 gyrotron complexes having an output power of 1 MW each. These complexes are being developed jointly by IAP RAS and GYCOM Ltd., with participation of the Tokamak Physics Institute of Kurchatov Institute. India is responsible, in particular, for the development of high-voltage power supplies for ITER gyrotrons. To test these sources, the ITER ECRH Group in India is planning to construct a gyrotron test facility at the Institute for Plasma Research. An international tender will be called to purchase a 170 GHz/1 MW gyrotron for this facility, and Russian companies are regarded as future tender participants.
The Indian delegation met G.G. Denisov, RAS Corresponding Member, IAP RAS Deputy Director, Head of the Plasma Physics and High-Power Electronics Division of IAP RAS, and Chairman of the Expert Committee of GYCOM Ltd. During the meeting, the participants discussed possible fields of scientific and technical cooperation.

V.E. Zapevalov, Head of Laboratory 151, Dept. 150, was responsible for organization of the visit.