Vladimir Ivanovich Ilyin died.
We lost the man whose name is intimately connected with the establishment and development of close cooperation between GYCOM and Kurchatov Institute in the field of development of gyrotrons and application of these devices as an instrument of plasma control in fusion facilities, first in Russia, and then all over the world. From the first stages of the research of high-power industrial gyrotrons, Vladimir Ivanovich joined this work with great enthusiasm. Creation of the equipment, which ensures stable and faultless testing of gyrotrons and obtaining reliable scientific data, has taken long years of scrupulous analysis and hard work.
Power equipment of testing stands has been modernized and upgraded with the use of up-to-date detection and measuring instruments under the leadership of Vladimir Ivanovich, as the power produced by gyrotrons increased. It was only natural that the highly complex, record-breaking set of the parameters of the Russian CW gyrotron developed in the framework of the ITER Project was achieved at the stand of Kurchatov Institute, and Vladimir Ivanovich, as one of the leaders of this development, was awarded the Prize of the RF Government for Science and Technology.
Vladimir Ivanovich was a very tactful person, a highly qualified specialist, and a regardful leader. He could cope with the most difficult professional tasks due to his deep knowledge of the subject and effective leadership skills.
GYCOM team appreciated the human and professional qualities of Vladimir Ivanovich highly. Our team working always produced the sense of achievement. We mourn over his death and offer our condolences to his family and the team, which he led for many years.